Tungsram Group has been an innovative company since 1896. The company wants to explore new businesses beyond lighting and automotive based on the advanced capabilities of its 5 factories located in the heart of Europe.


Sept 2018

Establishment of Advanced Materials and Services

Advanced Materials and Services, subdivision of Tungsram Group, was established to leverage the versatile capabilities of the company in the field of advanced manufacturing

Apr 2018

Tungsram Group Re-Established

New president and CEO, Mr Jörg Bauer, acquired GE Lighting Component Division under the name of Tungsram Group

Jan 2017

Lighting Component HQ moved to Europe

GE Lighting moved the lighting component HQ to Hungary based on the capabilities of the 5 factories located in Europe

Apr 1989

Establishment of Lighting Component Sales Team

GE Lighting acquired Tungsram and started to establish lighting component sales activities all around the world