GLASS Products

Glass Products


  1. Borosilicate Hard Glass

Tungsram HG 36 glass is designed for lighting/lamp manufacturing applications, characterized with great visual appearance - provides high durability, heat shock resistance for indoor and outdoor lighting applications.

The glass physical and chemical properties lending  great forming capability for pressing and blowing products, featured by wide range of workability for lamp manufacturing.

Major product types:  

  • Pressed ware applications for - Regular filament type incandescent lamps, Halogen capsuled incandescent lamps (from PAR30 to PAR 64 product range)

  • Blown bulb products for – HID and CMH lamp applications (from tubular, through reflector to spherical bulb types in wide range of diameter and height).



      2. Soda-lime  glass / Magnesia Glass

Soda-lime  glass  is  the  most  common  type and it  is  the  glass  of  lamp  envelopes.  It is composed  primarily  of  silica,  soda  and    calcia,    with    relatively    small    additions  of  other  constituents.  These  „soft”  glasses  have  moderate  chemical  durability       and       relatively       poor       resistance  to  thermal  shock,  but  they  are low in cost and easily worked. Soda-lime  glass  bulbs are produced by Nagykanizsa Glass Plant of Tungsram where there are:

  • 2 high speed ribbon lines
  • 2 low speed rotary machines
  • 3 bulb aluminizing lines


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