Fabricated Parts


  • Low and middle volume machining products: high labor force machining products
  • Machining with different raw materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, non-ferrous materials, super alloy, hastelloy-X, nimonic, tungsten, molybdenum
  • Execute complex manufacturing tasks: machining, assembling, special heat treatment, coating
  • Design and construction of unique parts, devices, machines: Indexing cam, heating basket


Machinery Equipment

CNC Turning Machines
CNC Grinding Machines
CNC Miling Machines
CNC Electrical Discharge Macines
MAZAK Machines
High Pressure Water Jet Cutting
Vacuum Brazing
Laser Welding
CNC 3D-Measuring Equipment

Running Products


Valve Body (50 x 50 x 140)
Bearing Cap (420 x 50)
Shaft End (75 x 49)
CMHL Gas Burner (50 x 25 x 45 with 0.5 holes)
Latches (25 x110)
Pulling Wedge (72 x 143)
Indexing Cam (600 x300)
Liner Stop (38 x 42 x 54)
Gripper (600 x 600 x 500)


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