Factory information

Tungsten Metallurgy and Tungsten Manufacturing is an essential part of Tungsram’s history from the very beginning of the Company Tungsten production started in the early 1900’s. In 1980 there was a technology and equipment overhaul when Tungsram implemented Japanese manufacturing method. These equipment and technologies were further improved throughout the years by Tungsram experts. Tungsten manufacturing located in two Cities in Hungary Budapest (Powder Metallurgy, Tungsten Rods & Heavy Wire) & Hajdúböszörmény (Tungsten fine wire, coiling & filament production)

About Tungsten Molybdenum technology

Capabilities @ Budapest & Hajdúböszörmény:

  • Powder metallurgy processing
    • Doping & mixing* (9 different grades available in standard production)
    • Sintering
  • Thermomechanical processing
    • Swaging & Rolling
    • Drawing
  • Tungsten Fine wire production & surface treatment
  • Coiling and Filament manufacturing to Conventional light sources
    • Auto lamp (Headlamp and auxiliary lamps)
    • HID
    • CMH
    • Fluorescent
    • Incandescent
    • EEH
    • Specialty (Studio & Entertainment, Metallizing coils, Special electrodes)
  • High temperature heat-treatment of coils/filaments
  • Drawing die & coiling nozzle manufacturing
    • HM (hard metal), PCD (poly-crystal Diamond), ND (Natural diamond)
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