Tungsten wire and Fabricated parts

Our Standard Tungsten grades:

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  • GK-31 
  • GK-43 
  • GK-61 
  • GK-91 
  • GK-41
  • GK-51
  • GK-81
  • GK-91S
  • T3D

*Other special grades are available upon request

Maximum Ingot size: 19,5 [mm] (0,76”) x 19,5 [mm] (0,76”) x 560 [mm] (22”) (rectangular shape)

Maximum rod sizes (Ø): 8,75 [mm] (0,34”)

Standard rod sizes* (Ø):

7,2 [mm] (0,283”)

6,2 [mm] (0,244”)

5,1 [mm] (0,2”)

4,0 [mm] (0,157”)

*Other diameters available upon request

General utilization of Tungsten rods & Heavy wire:

  • Heating elements for high temperature furnaces
  • Welding electrodes
  • Radiation shielding
  • Evaporation coils for vacuum metallizing

Minimum size of Tungsten fine-wire achieved: 0,007 [mm] (0,00027”)

 1200+ current fine-wire SKUs in standard production portfolio.*

Electrodes & Lead in Wire

Experience with Laser welding of different materials[Mo]-[W]-[Nb]
High-speed mass production of welded  electrodes and lead in wire      
Development and design capabilities according to customer’s needs


700+ current coil/filament SKUs in standard production portfolio.*

*Other types/diameters available upon request


General utilization of Tungsten fine wire & filaments:

  • Heat / ion-source for various applications
  • Electronic conductor for microelectronics
  • Probe / catheter / stent / electrode for medical industry
  • Probe for micro-electronics
  • Primary commodity for high strength special micro-cables
  • Light source of conventional lighting applications

Drawing Dies

Drawing dies for any kind of metal from 0,007 [mm] (0,00027”) to 3,5 [mm] (0,137”)

Standard materials:

  • HM (hard metal), PCD (poly-crystal Diamond), ND (Natural diamond)


*Various cone shapes and designs are available upon request

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