From 15 to 17 of October, Tungsram first time exhibited in an Aviation industry event in London.

MRO Europe is the international trade fair for maintenance, repair and overhaul in the aerospace industry, which takes place every year in different cities of Europe. This year in October MRO capital for three days was London. The English term MRO of the aviation technology stands for maintenance, repair and overhaul, best explained as technical inspection for aircrafts. This fair is the Europe's leading exhibition with simultaneous conference for aircraft maintenance, which is only accessible for trade visitors. With airlines, MRO suppliers, government agencies, leasing companies and industry experts from around the world the MRO Europe works as a hub for business growth, knowledge transfer and technological progress. Exhibitors show the latest products and technologies of the industry, with the aim to increase energy efficiency while reducing operating costs. The MRO Europe brings together global airline managers, suppliers, maintenance specialists and security experts and serves as information and communication platform to the industry. In addition to an extensive conference program with analyzes, forecasts, prospects and industry outlooks live demonstrations enrich the offer of the fair.

The visitors of our booth could get a brief introduction about our capabilities in engine part maintenance and repair. Advanced team participated several promising meetings, but one of the most important was with GE Aviation. Where we could discuss important milestones and strategy for both parties. These were especially important because, at the same time, the production is on the ramp up period in Kisvárda plant.

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